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7 Things To Ask When Choosing The Perfect Trade Show Venue

Trade shows can be a great way to increase business. They bring together exhibitors and potential clients efficiently and effectively, but there’s a lot of preparation and detail that goes into executing a successful trade show, and it all starts with the right venue. By simply choosing the right venue for your show, you can minimize the pitfalls and maximize your profit. Before you pick up the phone and call any banquet halls in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, make sure you know what questions to ask. Here are some questions you should be prepared to ask when finding the perfect trade show venue.

1. What’s your total usable square footage?
Unlike other types of events that usually have a fixed guest count and last just a few hours, trade shows can go on for days–sometimes up to a week–welcoming hundreds of visitors per day. It’s important to consider how many people you’ll need to accommodate before you lock down your venue. There are several banquet halls in Fort Lauderdale and Miami that would work, but they may not be the right size for you. Find out how much square footage you’ll need based on the number of exhibitors you expect and how big their booths will be. Don’t forget to add in extra room for storage and for your visitors to browse comfortably throughout the show floor.

2. Do you have a diagram of your space?
Square footage isn’t the only thing you’ll need to know about your venue. You’ll need to see how that space is laid out. Every venue will either have a diagram on their website or they can email you one upon request. You’re going to need this to lay out your booths, mark exits and restrooms, and plan any other elements you’ll need for your trade show.

3. How much parking do you have?
Trade shows attract a lot of traffic. Make sure your venue is ready to handle it. May event spaces and banquet halls in Fort Lauderdale and Miami can accommodate these needs. If parking is limited, find out if the venue has an off-site lot that can be reserved for exhibitors, staff or spill-over. If this is the case, be prepared to add a shuttle service to your total budget.

4. What kind of discount do you offer for a multi-day event?
Many event spaces or banquet halls in Fort Lauderdale and Miami will give discounts for multi-day events and early booking, so start your search early. The sooner you reserve your venue, the better chance you’ll have of getting a great rate and saving money. It’s also a good idea to ask what that rate includes. While two or more venues may offer similar rates, one of them might give you more bang for your buck. Being flexible with your show dates will also help.

5. Is there an extra fee for electricity?
While event spaces and banquet halls in Fort Lauderdale and Miami typically do not charge extra for electricity, trade shows demand much more power than your average event. Make sure your venue is prepared to handle your show’s electrical demands and how much extra they will charge for it. This fee can be passed on to your exhibitors if they request electricity for their booth.

6. Do you have a list of preferred vendors?
Once your visitors have arrived at your trade show, they’re going to want food, beverages, and seating. Rather than search for all of these vendors individually, ask your venue if they have a list of preferred vendors. It will save you hours of research and guarantee that your vendors are familiar with the venue’s policies and procedures.

7. Do you have a partnership with any nearby hotels?
If you plan to attract out-of-town vendors or visitors to your trade show, they’re going to need a place to stay. Many venues and banquet halls in Fort Lauderdale and Miami have established relationships with local hotels that will offer discounted rates to anyone associated with your trade show.

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