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List Of Wedding Site Visit Questions

Finding the perfect wedding venue is a multi-faceted process that takes time and patience. This is just as true for affordable wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale as it is for exclusive venues in exotic locations.

It’s important to cover all your bases and thoroughly do the research required on your end. If you are just starting out, be sure to read our guide on How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue.

Narrowing down that list is an amazing feeling. However, there is still one last thing that probably won’t feel so great – paying for the venue. Even the most affordable wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale require some sort of down payment to secure the wedding date of your choosing.

Why You Need To Plan A Wedding Site Visit

If you are the practical type (that doesn’t blindly hand out a bunch of money), scheduling a wedding site visit to the see the venue in person will be a must. If you’re thinking a wedding site visit isn’t necessary, you couldn’t be more wrong.

A wedding site visit is the time to really hone in on the details of what to expect from the venue on your big day. Whether you’re planning to tie the knot at your choice in affordable wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale or in a friend’s barn, doing an on-site walkthrough is a must.

Think of a wedding site visit as a formal courting period with the wedding venue. Have you ever booked a room online only to be disappointed when you see it in person? You wouldn’t that to happen again, especially on your wedding day.

Remember, in our guide to find the perfect wedding venue we covered only visiting the affordable wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale on your short list (and within your budget). Once you’ve narrowed it down, go through this list of wedding site visit questions before signing any contract.

List Of Wedding Site Visit Questions

How many hours does the rental contract include? Expect loading everything in and out will take at least two hours before and one hour after your wedding.

What are the ceremony rehearsal details? Find out if it is included, how long it is, when it usually takes place, and when you can book it.

Are there plenty of power outlets? Make sure there is enough power for all the vendors and find out where the outlets are before deciding your final layout.

How is the lighting? Find out if the lights can be dimmed and brightened. If you visit during the day, ask about the lighting at night and if additional lighting with be required.

Where is loading done? The loading area will probably be different than the entrance. See if there is an elevator or loading dock. Ask if the venue has special challenges.

Is there more than one entrance? Where the guests enter will be important for the layout. Pay attention to handicap accessibility in case a guest needs it. Also, ask if there is a designated area to check coats in case it’s cold or rainy.

Where are the restrooms? Find out if restrooms are easily accessible and if they can accommodate all of your guests.

Are there any restrictions? Many venues restrict certain types of decor, alcohol, vendors, and even volume. Find out exactly what any restrictions entail.

Does the venue provide equipment? It will be important to know what the venue has available and what you will need to rent yourself. Ask about lighting, A/V, table, chairs, etc.

Do they do more than one event per day? This is important for planning the setup and takedown. Find out if you will be competing for the staff’s attention.

The final thing you’ll want to do is carefully go over the fees and cancellation policy. Have someone explain to you anything you don’t understand and make sure to ask about hidden fees.

Some affordable venues in Fort Lauderdale will even let you see a sample contract that lets you take all the time you need breaking it down. Remember, don’t sign anything until you fully understand what you are getting for your money!

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Affordable Wedding Venues in Fort Lauderdale