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The Wedding Games

You’ve booked your big day at one of the best wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale and you’ve planned every detail of the reception perfectly, but something is still missing. If you’re looking for a unique way to add an unexpected twist to your wedding reception and help your guests have more fun, why not try a little friendly competition?

Party games are the latest trend in wedding receptions.

Besides being excellent icebreakers, they show off a couple’s fun personality and style. Lawn games like croquet, bocce ball, or badminton can give your outdoor reception an upscale feel, while beanbags, horseshoes, and lawn darts give off a more rustic vibe.

For a whimsical twist, try giant chess or checkers. You can set up the activities randomly throughout the event space, and draw your guests in with fun signage.

For an indoor reception, how about incorporating some board games into your festivities?

The best wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale will help you set up a table with several miniature versions of classic games that guests can play at their dinner tables or at lounge areas throughout the space. It’s a great way to keep the fun going during cocktail hour, while guests are waiting for dinner to be served, or for those who would rather sit out the chicken dance.

If you’re a real game junky, consider naming your reception tables after famous games or decorating them with iconic board game pieces from checkers, chess or monopoly. It’ll add that extra personal touch to even the best wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale. The goal here is to keep your guests entertained and give some fun flair to your decor.

Just remember that less is more when incorporating games. You don’t want to overdo it and make it seem like you’re at one of the best wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale and hosting an over-dressed game night.

Choose games that match the overall theme of your wedding, and consider limiting them to a particular time frame so they don’t distract from the main event…YOU!

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Best Wedding Venues in Fort Lauderdale