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5 Hot Tips For a Cool Summer Party

Fresh air, sunshine and blue skies–what’s not to love about a summer party? But just because there are no clouds overhead, doesn’t mean your event isn’t at risk for a natural disaster. Whether it’s a wedding on the beach, a family reunion, or a backyard barbecue, here are five tips for picking the right Fort Lauderdale event venues and pulling off a stress-free summertime soiree.

  1. Keep it Shady

Before you book your time slot at that special spot in the park, private beach, or one of several outdoor Fort Lauderdale event venues, take a moment to consider the time of day you’ll be hosting your special event. Try to avoid times when the heat and sun will be at its peak.

Instead, try to schedule your event either in the morning while the air is still cool or in the early evening after the sun has gone down. If your schedule isn’t flexible, consider putting up a tent to protect yourself and your guests from Mother Nature’s unpredictable mood swings.

  1. Plan Ahead To Look Your Best

Beautiful weather is essential for an outdoor celebration, but hours spent under the sun can slowly wreak havoc on your appearance throughout the course of the day.  As the host of the party, you want to make sure you look your best from the arrival of your first guest till the last one has bid you adieu. This is especially important for you ladies who spend time on hair and make-up.

If the weather report calls for heat and humidity, opt for a low-maintenance hairstyle, like an up-do. For makeup, use products with moisturizer and SPF, and keep a touch-up kit handy. Guys, if you tend to perspire heavily, pack an extra shirt that you can change into if needed.  Stick to light, breathable materials like cotton.

  1. Have a Back-up Space Ready

Sunny skies and warm temps are pretty much a given in the summer, but there are no guarantees; especially in South Florida. When booking a space for your outdoor event, always ask Fort Lauderdale event venues about their inclement weather backup plan. Is there an indoor or covered space they can move your event to in case of rain? How far in advance would they make that call?   

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Guests

Now that you’ve taken steps to make sure your party and yourself are taken care of, what about your guests? Take a minute to yourself in their less-than-comfortable shoes and think about all the ways you can make their experience more enjoyable. Ensure your guests stay cool and hydrated by providing plenty of cold water, ice and cool drinks throughout the day.

Many Fort Lauderdale event venues recommend incorporating refreshing ingredients in your beverages like cucumber, mint or citrus. You can also set-up stations where your guests can help themselves to flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen or insect repellant if needed. Not only will this create a fun interactive experience for your guests, it lets them know that you care about their comfort and health.

  1. Add Cool Decor

Even with tents and fans, some of your guests may still feel the summer heat outdoors. The right decor can not only brighten up Fort Lauderdale event venues, it can help your guests stay cool. Incorporate some hand-held paper fans with your event name or theme printed on them.

Do the same with sunglasses or umbrellas. Incorporating these functional elements also adds a touch of whimsy to your event, and they make for great party favors for your guests to take home and use again.

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