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Flower Arranging with Food and Wine

What’s more fun than going to brunch or a bash? Hosting your own gastronomic gathering with flower arranging as your main course! FloraVina is a fresh new event concept that merges the fun of a flower arranging class with the decadence of your favorite food and wine. Simply choose your event date, location and the number of guests who’ll be attending, and FloraVina will provide everything you will need to create your very own DIY floral arrangements.

They’ll even throw in one of their expert flower enthusiasts to provide you and your fiends step-by-step guidance while you laugh, sip and turn an empty vase into an afternoon of memories. You can choose to host your event at one of FloraVina’s nearby restaurant partners and sample their selection of wines, signature cocktails and appetizers, or if you prefer a more exclusive setting, they will bring the party to your home or location of your choice.

FloraVina recently hosted one of their engaging events inside the Gallery of Amazing Things’ “Fossil Room”, surrounded by massive live edge wood slabs and 50-million-year-old aquatic life set in various shades of stone. “Working with beautiful fresh flowers against a background of the Gallery’s impressive collection of fossil murals and sculptures was an amazing and unique experience” describes Alex Frost, Founder and CEO of FloraVina. “The bright colors and soft textures of the flowers, contrasted with the muted palette of the fossils and wood slabs made for an incredible event everyone will remember for a long time. Especially when they see the photos!”

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