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7 Ways To Make Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Amazing

When it comes to planning your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the possibilities are endless. However, it’s very important that all your choices–from the theme to the entertainment–bring out your teen’s unique personality and style. If you’re in South Florida, your first step is to research the best Fort Lauderdale Bar Mitzvah Venues.  Once you’ve chosen your favorite, that’s where the fun begins. Here are a few tips to help you think outside the box and make your Mitzvah stand out from the rest.

The Name Game

What’s in a name? Plenty, if you have a little fun with it. Let your child’s name inspire your theme by incorporating it into phrases like “Liv It Up”, “Mollywood” or “Hunter Games”. Many Fort Lauderdale Bar Mitzvah Venues can help you come up with some clever themes. So don’t be shy to ask. Another way to make personalize your Mitzvah is to include your child’s initials into the decor. Turn them into a logo which can be used on the invitations, party favors, centerpieces, napkins and even a customized dance floor.

DJ vs Live Musicians

Both can be equally fun and keep the party going. So why not have both? Having live musicians–like vocalists, percussionists or saxophonists–performing alongside your DJ adds a whole new dimension to the party experience and will keep the dance floor going till the very end.

Lounge Where

After a couple of hours of mingling and dancing, your guests will need a spot to take a load off. Lucky for you, many Fort Lauderdale Bar Mitzvah venues offer plenty of space to add extra seating throughout the space. In addition to dining tables and formal seating, create a few lounge areas using couches, ottomans and coffee tables. It’s the perfect area to set up phone chargers or a snack station and gives your guests a place to recharge before getting back on the dancefloor.

Raising the Bar

When decorating your party space, don’t neglect the bar. Go with a glowing/light-up bar and wrap the birthday boy or girl’s photo to the front of it.  Add flowers and accent lighting in the Mitzvah’s color palette. Video monitors mounted behind the bar can stream videos or photos throughout the evening, inspiring conversations and entertaining guests while they wait for their libations. When researching Fort Lauderdale Bar Mitzvah Venues, ask them if they offer a built-in bar. This will save you the time and money on renting one from an outside vendor.

Up, Up and Away

Decorating your ceiling can also add a little drama and excitement to the space. Hanging flowers or geometric shapes can create a contemporary look. Some other elements you could suspend are crystals, parasols, paper lanterns or inflatables, depending on your theme. Using clear filament will create the illusion that your decor is actually floating in mid-air!

Map It Out               

The latest and most jaw-dropping trend in event decor is video mapping. Think of it as animated wallpaper for your event space. This technology you can transform the walls of Fort Lauderdale Bar Mitzvah venues into a beach in Maui, a sports arena, outer space or just about any place you can imagine. Add lasers and colored lighting to the mix and bring the “wow” factor to the next level.

Sweet Surprises

Before the party winds down, surprise your guests by unveiling a dessert station stocked with candy jars, cakes, and desserts. Dessert buffets can be designed to feature the party theme, color scheme, or current food trends. Dessert food trucks parked just outside the exits are another sweet way to send your guests home happy.

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