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The Gift Lounge

A Gift Lounge makes a great addition to any bridal shower or wedding, and gives you the perfect opportunity to thank your guests for their kindness and generosity once the festivities are over. Designing a Gift Lounge could be as simple as setting tables by the exit where guests can grab take-away gift bags filled with personalized items that they can appreciate long after your big night. For a more personal experience, build an intimate and fun setting staged with comfortable seating and decor where you can personally thank your guests and pose for photographs.

When designing the perfect Gift Lounge, consider every aspect of your shower or wedding, from the floral arrangements to decorations to color scheme. Weaving these elements into your design will make the transitions from one room to the next seamless. Some great gift ideas include glassware, bud vases or other accessories branded with your wedding details. Or you could appeal to your guests’ sweet tooth by displaying a variety of chocolates and other sweets in a self-serve candy station. Take it up a notch by complementing the chocolate with a floral design in theme with your shower/wedding. However, you design your Gift Lounge, make sure it reflects your personality and shows your guests how much you truly appreciate them.