Unique Ideas To Transform Your Wedding

Traditional weddings are just that – traditional. Unique weddings are becoming the new norm for modern couples interested in shaking things up and it starts with finding the perfect wedding venue. Why get married in a traditional wedding venue when you can celebrate the nuptial officially at one of the most unique wedding venues Fort Lauderdale has to offer?

It’s your special day, your celebration of love. Make it an event you, your partner, and your guests will never forget. Discover how the unique wedding venues Fort Lauderdale provides can transform your wedding from a typical union into the special event it deserves to be. Make it happen with these unique wedding ideas.

Shake up the normal seating arrangements and rearrange chair rows.

Create a circular pattern that gives all your wedding guests a great view.

Custom design coasters for your guests to use to notify the service staff.

Have each side of the coaster say if they need a new drink or if they aren’t quite done yet.

Create take-home presents for the guests

that are fun, creative, and practical that commemorate your wedding (and can be used later). Remember, wedding favors don’t need to be expensive to be useful!

Leave to-go boxes by the wedding cake for your guests.

This way they can bring home a slice of cake if they fill up on the delicious catering before dessert!

Come up with a novel, entertaining idea to throw the garter, such as tying it to a ball or frisbee.

Other fun ideas are having groomsmen or bridesmaids write on the bottom of your shoe. Rumor has it that the author of the last message to wear off is the next to get married!

Don’t be afraid to use (semi) explicit language on your invitations or decorations.

Say it like it is, in your own words. This ain’t your grandmother’s wedding!

Leave special, personal messages for the guests

you are closest with to truly commemorate your appreciation for them being there.

Give the kids their own area full of fun games and activities to get creative and have fun (mostly) by themselves.

Make sure to leave room for your older guests that are perpetually young at heart!

Use creative lighting effects at your wedding to completely transform a room and excite the mood.

Even the most unique wedding venue depends on lighting to achieve something different.

Make your own special guest roles!

Let young children be “Wedding Security Guards” or a grandparent carry the bridal flowers. Involving your guests at the wedding will surely leave a lasting impression.

Your wedding should reflect the sort of relationship you are celebrating. If you two have a love unlike any other, consider having a creative wedding at one of the many unique wedding venues Fort Lauderdale offers.

For more ideas about how to make your wedding celebration unlike any other, contact a wedding planner or visit the contemporary art exhibit, historical museum, and event venue that is the Gallery of Amazing Things.

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