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5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

One of the most exciting things about planning your wedding is bringing together all of the elements that express your personality as a couple. Besides finding the perfect wedding reception venues in Fort Lauderdale, one of the most important elements is your wedding cake. No wedding is complete without this iconic show-stopping confection, but how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Here are 5 tips to help you have your cake and eat it too!

  1. Find the Right Baker

The first step to having your dream dessert is finding someone who can make it a reality. Not all bakers can pull off elaborate designs like the ones you see on TV, online, or in magazines. Start with a list of bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes and schedule a tasting. Wedding reception venues in Fort Lauderdale may be able to help you build a list of potential bakers.

Before visiting these bakeries, you and your fiancé should do some homework and have a general idea of what style it is you’re looking for. Bring photos of designs and flavors you love, and make sure the bakery can execute your vision before you commit to them.

  1. Know Your Budget

It’s not the most fun part of the process, but it’s very important to always keep your budget in mind when meeting with bakers. The average couple spends close to $500 on cake, and customized features can bring that price tag even higher. If your dream cake doesn’t fit your budget, consider ordering fewer servings. Ordering 5 to 10 percent less than your guest count will lower your cost and still give you enough servings to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth in almost all wedding reception venues in Fort Lauderdale.

  1. Think About Your Theme

Remember that your wedding cake isn’t just dessert. It’s also is a major visual element of the reception, so the design should complement the rest of the decor. Your cake will most likely sit very prominently in the wedding reception venues in Fort Lauderdale where all eyes can see it. When you’re choosing its color and style, keep in mind your room decor and make sure it complements the theme and look accordingly. Your cake should be the sparkling crown jewel in the design of the room.

  1. Make It Your Own

You don’t have to sacrifice your personality to stay in budget or create a unified look. Go bold with a cake inspired by you and your fiancé’s favorite movie, your favorite colors or incorporate your favorite romantic quotes. Get creative with your flavors. Ditch vanilla and chocolate for childhood favorites like cookies and cream, bubble gum or rainbow swirls to give your guests an unexpected surprise with every bite.

  1. Think Outside the Cake

If you want to give your guests other options to satisfy their sweet tooth, a dessert table is the perfect alternative and one of the hottest trends in wedding reception venues in Fort Lauderdale. Create a display of assorted mini versions of your favorite desserts like brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and pies. Take it a step further and make it an interactive dessert station where guests can add their own toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, caramel sauce and even ice cream. Place some coordinating carry-out boxes on the table in case guests want to take their treat home for later.

No matter what wedding dessert style you choose–a multi-tiered masterpiece or a sweet spread–the secret ingredient is your imagination!

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