Being Practical About Finding A Wedding Venue In 5 Questions

The goal is simple – secure the perfect wedding venue to have your dream wedding. The problem is deciding which of the wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale FL is the one. Do you have your shortlist ready? Prepare to get honest with yourself and answer the following questions truthfully.

Ask Yourself These Questions To Ensure You’re Being Practical

  1. Is this venue actually affordable? We all like to dream about having a royal wedding. However, when it comes time to actually plan your dream wedding, it’s doubtful you will have access to a royal-size budget. Be realistic and save yourself the pain of longing to get married at the wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale FL outside your budget.
  2. Is this venue even available? Picking a specific wedding date makes the entire planning process easier, though even having a general idea can still help. One certain way to eliminate wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale FL from your list is to check their actual availability. Find out the availability for using the wedding venue during the time of year, month, and/ or on the specific day you prefer. Remember to double check with the venue when you visit (meaning don’t depend solely on a calendar listed on their website).
  3. Is this venue big enough for everyone? The maximum capacity size for all wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale FL varies greatly. However, just because one venue can accommodate up to 200 guests doesn’t mean it can do so comfortably. Nobody likes to be scrunched together in tight spaces for hours. Also, stressing about your guests is the last thing you want on your mind during your big day. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and determine if you’d feel comfortable situated there over the course of an entire wedding ceremony.
  4. Does this venue have a functional layout? Wedding venues come in all shapes, sizes, and layouts. Whether you want to have a traditional style wedding with everyone facing an altar or wish to take a different approach, the venue should have the space to make it happen. This is especially true for those looking to have the reception dinner, cocktails, ceremony, and afterparty all in one place. Visit the venue in person and envision the flow of the entire night to determine if the size and layout match your needs.
  5. Does this venue match my style? General ambiance is something no wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale can fake. For instance, it would be tough to pull off a modern-style wedding in a church-like setting. Ask yourself whether the space, decor, and overall vibe of the venue matches with your own wedding style. It’s best to do this by visiting the venue in person first, so don’t depend only on photographs posted to their website or social media accounts.

It’s your wedding. Dream as big as you want. When it comes time to pick a wedding venue, don’t get discouraged. If you stay practical, do your research, and, above all, remain true to yourself then the perfect wedding venue will be revealed. 

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