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2 Simple Suggestions To Find The Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue is about more than simply looking up wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale. A wedding venue is unique, a truly special place. It’s the final frontier, where the culmination of your love will be celebrated.

It’s the location where your dream wedding will forever be savored in photographs, vows, and most of all memories. That’s why it is so important to spend a sufficient amount of time researching the many amazing wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale before you decide.

I know, it might seem daunting at first. Let’s be honest – the search for the perfect wedding venue is anything but easy. Generally speaking, the perfect wedding venue has to be beautiful, yet practical.

It has to be spacious, comfortable, and accommodating. It has to be conveniently located to make it easier for your traveling guests. It has to be affordable and, most importantly, available. Oh, and you also have to actually like it (we are talking about YOUR perfect wedding venue, after all).

Fortunately, aspiring grooms and brides-to-be can learn from the efforts of those that walked down the aisle before them. Keep reading to find two simple suggestions and reduce the number of wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale until all that’s left is your perfect one.

Make An Inventory To Compare Wedding Venues

Comparing one wedding venue to other wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale is easier when there is a baseline to start with. Make an inventory of all the different things that should be considered.

Include both factors important to you personally along with basic venue details. Make sure you develop the inventory in something that is easy to add to and change (such as a spreadsheet).

The inventory should include items like:

  • Venue Name
  • Venue Location
  • Overall Capacity
  • Date Availability
  • General Rates
  • Venue Layout
  • Parking Space
  • Catering Options
  • Notable Extras

Leave room for as many wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale you plan to consider. Fill out as much as you can with the information you can find online and verify the information when you go to visit the venue in person.

Generate An Estimated Budget List

No wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale (or anywhere else for that matter) should be chosen based on price alone. The notion that cheap wedding venues are altogether worse than even the most luxurious wedding hall is false.

Many so-called cheap wedding venues wind up being comparably priced after all cost factors are taken into consideration. That doesn’t mean you can completely forget about budgeting costs, though.

The last thing you want is to secure the perfect wedding venue and be left with nothing to spend on the wedding reception itself. This will quickly turn a dream wedding into a living nightmare. To prepare, draft a budget list of factors that will impact the bottom line to get a better idea of what the actual cost will be for you.

The drafted budget list should include items like:

  • Venue Costs
  • Rental Costs
  • Catering Costs
  • Transportation Costs
  • Designer Costs
  • Hourly Costs

This will not only help to compare wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale but can also be used to remind you of any notable factors that make one venue cheaper than another. Don’t forget to ask about wedding plans and packages to get the best possible price!

Read How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue for more tips to narrow down your search in wedding venues for rent in Fort Lauderdale!

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