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5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can seem like a daunting task for many engaged couples and the process can be very intimidating. Even if you’ve ordered the occasional floral arrangement before, you probably haven’t bought them in the quantities you will need for your wedding venues in Broward. There’s no need to tip-toe through the tulips though. Use the following tips to make your wedding day blossom!

Connect With Your Florist

Everyone wants a florist who knows flowers, but you should also look for a florist who is willing to know you. Besides walking you through the process and helping you find what you like and want, a good floral designer should ask you about yourself and your fiancé, and be enthusiastic about finding the right flowers to fit your wedding venues in Broward and your unique personality. One way to find the right fit is to look at potential florists’ websites to get a sense of their style. They are very likely to add a touch of it to your flowers, so make sure you like it.

Know How Much To Spend

There’s nothing like a surprise price tag to take the fun out of wedding planning. Before allotting your budget, look into the cost of flowers. Some wedding venues in Broward suggest you should set aside about 10 percent of your overall budget for your floral arrangements. That includes the bridal bouquets too. Once you know what you’ll need to spend, you’ll be better prepared to discuss your options with your florist.

Take a Floral Field Trip

Online photos of floral arrangements are great, but flowers are most powerful in person.  Sometimes you just have to see your flowers to know if they’re right for you. Visit your nearest floral wholesaler if possible. You’ll find flowers you’ve probably never seen or heard of before in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Make notes of the ones you like, or take some home to make sure you still like them over the next couple of days.

Request a Showing

For couples who want to see their vision come to life before they buy enough roses to fill up all the wedding venues in Broward, ask your potential florist for a demonstration of their work. Incorporate samples of your table linens, china, stemware, flatware and chairs to see how it all looks together.

Reimagine the Centerpiece

Viewing your flowers as an accent to a more impactful design piece is another way for you to enjoy them. Instead of traditional centerpieces, draw your guests’ attention to the ceiling. Besides chandeliers, you could also hang lanterns, glass globes, frames or fabrics from the ceiling of your wedding venues in Broward and embellish them with your chosen blossoms. You could also try using unique props like travel books or vintage cameras as themed centerpieces and accent them with just a few strategically-placed buds.

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