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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue – Part 1

Let’s say you’re searching for wedding venues in Fort Lauderdale FL. You’ll probably find a ton of “30 Best…” lists with minimal details and short reviews.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re an excited bride-to-be. And you are ready to celebrate spending the rest of your life with THE ONE.

That’s exactly what a wedding is, a celebration of love. All weddings are full of people excited to see bride and groom begin their union. And, sure, “all you need is love” might be true, but who doesn’t want their wedding event to be one big party?

There are so many things to do when planning a wedding. Décor. Vendors. Cost. Date. Attire (even if you’ve had your wedding dress picked out for years). The list goes on ad infinitum.

Let’s help cross one of the items off that list. Here are some tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue.

  • Choose a flexible venue big enough for everyone to come to.

Speak with your fiancé about how many people they want to invite. Come up with a rough estimation of how many guests there are between you two. Then do your homework and find a wedding venue that fits the number. Most venues have a listed guest count minimum and maximum. Go high on your estimate and make sure the event space is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. This way if you have last second RSVP’s you won’t worry about fitting them in.

  • Find actual wedding photos that aren’t staged.

Most wedding photographers and planners have blogs where they publish their work. Not only is this a good way to view what weddings there actually look like, but it’s also a chance to see if the venue has exaggerated their own capabilities. It’s also a great way to find a local wedding photographer if you love their work.

  • Choose your wedding style.

Ambiance can’t be faked. Wedding venues have a natural ambiance that should complement your wedding style. For example, it’s hard to have a modern wedding in a rustic barn. Many couples are now embracing the flexibility of art galleries. Some view industrial warehouses as the ultimate blank canvas. Once you decide your wedding style, eliminate venues that don’t fit that look. This also means settling on colors, themes, and interior decor. Consider the wedding venue a key character in making your love story a reality.

  • Keep in mind all of the different spaces you’ll need.

Wedding receptions, ceremonies, dinners, cocktails, and parties all require different things. Make sure you factor in all these things first. Determine if having them all take place at one venue is possible. Why should the number of people at the ceremony be different from the reception dinner? It’s also cost-effective and eliminates travel logistics. And don’t forget the dance floor!

  • Don’t rely on online reviews and ask for referrals.

Reviews can be deceiving – good or bad. Try to visit the venue in person and walk in with an open mind. Remember that you are looking for a space to bring your vision to life. Don’t discount a venue because it’s in an unfamiliar area or for its outside appearance. And ask for referrals to speak with past wedding couples. That way you can get a detailed view of what their own experience was like. How was the service? Was the staff accommodating? Do they wish they’d known or done something different? Not only will you collect useful information, but you might even get a new idea to use yourself!

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