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Catering: Potions in Motion

When you go to brunch with your friends and family, the focal points of the experience are typically the food and time spent catching up. The catering team from Potions in Motion want you to have that experience from the time you request your first drink all the way until you finish the last delightful bite of dessert.

With food options ranging from a shrimp and grits bar to a southern brunch bar complete with fried chicken and other savory treats, the number one thing the Boca Raton-based team stands behind is the ability to always work with the client to make sure every detail is met to perfection. The combined idea of precision and quality doesn’t stop with customized food options, Potions in Motion offers a variety of drink bars from a tailored mimosa and bellini bar to an exotic bloody mary and maria bar. With endless options for food and drinks, the team is always pushing for new ideas when presented the opportunity to work with a new client.

“Working with the team at the Gallery of Amazing Things is always a great experience” says Tara Savino, Owner of Potions in Motion. “Normally with other event venues, we’re limited to one specific room. However, with the venue space of the Gallery, we get to not only work with multiple rooms but also multiple food options. The open space allows us to play with each room and create a unique experience with each food choice. This allows us not only freedom from physical boundaries, but now the creative possibilities are endless.”